Beauty – Seen Through Kent County

The County of Kent in Maryland is perhaps, no definitely among the most beautiful of states in the country. From the rivers to the coastlines, the beaches to the marinas, the county seems to have it all. Its little surprise then that the official county site reads “Our enchanting coastline varies from historic waterfront towns dotted with marinas of all sizes to stretches of low, rolling farmlands broken only by the tidewater tributaries of the Chesapeake. This land, where fresh and salt water meet, is a veritable haven for fishing and boating enthusiasts, cyclists, birders and nature lovers”. Well, that and much more. What exactly makes the county great though?

That coastline…

The county of Kent has a very rich coastline dotted with farmlands, tributaries, biking and walk trails among others. The coastline is home to numerous animal and plant life especially birdlife. The county sits on a picturesque peninsula at the confluence of the Sassafras and Chester river. The transition of the rivers into the bay, fresh water to salty water makes Kent a real attraction. The coastline is also home to Betterton Beach and Ferry Park, both family-oriented beaches with more than enough space for swimming and shoreline access.

The battle of Caulk’s field

Yeah, war tends to make people and places famous. The 1812 battle of Caulk’s field involved American Militia units repelling a British landing attempt in the Chesapeake Bay. The war ended in American victory. Enemy raiders destroyed the town of Georgetown devastating Maryland’s shore on the Eastern Side. Famous structures from the war era include Kitty knight House -spared by the British during the attack-, Eastern Neck Island, the Inn at Mitchell house, Swan Creek and Fairlee Creek among others.

Distilleries, wines and vineyards

Where there is wine there will definitely be people coming. The eastern shore of Kent County is among the fastest grape-growing regions in Maryland. The county has several vineyards and a winery. The vineyards include Crow vineyard, Clovelly vineyards and the Cassinelli distillery. Visitors and locals can partake in the Chesapeake wine trail. This will lead you on an unforgettable tour of scenic views and pure charm.

Theatres and Museums

These are Kent’s venues for concerts, silver screens and stage. Popular ones include The Garfield Centre for the Arts, the Mainstay, the Church hill theatre and the Chester Five theatre. These also give the community a chance to enhance their social lives through art, culture enrichment and entertainment. The mainstay theatre for example offers more than 40 concerts each year with classical, folk jazz and blues. Museums include The Bordley history center, Betterton Heritage Museum, Waterman’s museum and the Tolchester beach revisited among many more.

Available self-guided tours

You can enjoy all of Kent County’s beauty all by yourself and in your preferred means. Take walks, bicycle rides and boat rides all over the county for a tour of a lifetime. Bicycle rides afford you the best chance to view farms, shorelines, waterfronts, vineyards and the county’s flat and little-travelled roadways.