Cast of The Legend of Kitty Knight

Catharine “Kitty” Knight

Portrayed by: Amy G. Moredock – Betterton, MD

Amy has had the good fortune to portray a number of interesting characters since she moved to the Eastern Shore. At Church Hill Theatre, she has played Maggie the Cat in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Regina Hubbard in Little Foxes, and Elvira Condomine in Blythe Spirit. Recently Amy portrayed flighty barmaid Tulip in an off-Broadway production of the Burgundy Wine Mob, a  script written and directed by local play-wright Earl Lewin. Amy is extremely honored to have been given this opportunity to portray such a strong and interesting figure in Kent County’s history and equally honored to be working with such a talented and dedicated group of friends and neighbors in this historic event.


Rear Admiral George Cockburn

Portrayed by:  Robert L. Bryan, Jr. – Kennedyville, MD

Robert is a descendant of Dr. Edward Scott who lived in Georgetown Crossroads (Galena) in 1813, and wrote an account of the British Navy’s burning of Georgetown.  It is one of the few accounts surviving today.  Robert has performed in various productions at Church Hill Theatre and the Prince Theatre in Chestertown, and is throughly enjoying playing the haughty Admiral Cockburn.


Capt. Henry D. Byng

Portrayed by: Jacob Simpson – Galena, MD

Jacob has always been a fan of local history.  When he heard about the casting call for this production he felt it was something he had to do.  Jacob has gained experience from his theatre classes at Kent County High School.  He is a local of the area and knows the legend well and is enthusiastic about the chance to recreate this historical event.



School Master Dennis Donlevy

Portrayed by: Michael Codeiro – Dover, DE

Mike was cast as an extra in the independent film “The Dish and The Spoon”. This lead to acting classes and an offer to model. His last acting job was to portray William Moore, Sussex County delegate to the constitution ratification convention in the historical theater play ”FULLY, FEELY AND ENTIRELY” in the Old Delaware State House.

Countess Donlevy

Portrayed by: Lori Duhamell – Galena, MD

This is Lori’s acting debut.  She has always had a love of history, especially that of her hometown, and the story of Kitty Knight is one of her favorites.  She is excited to be given an opportunity to take part in the reenactment – she just couldn’t pass it up!

Fannie McNeil

Portrayed by: Dorothy “Teddi” Zia – Millington, MD

Teddi has played in many productions at Abbey Theatre in Philadelphia, PA.  She has also had various parts in commercials and movies.  Teddi is excited to be involved in such a fun and worthwhile experience in this rendering of  the burning of Georgetown and the legend of Kitty Knight.  Teddi is also the understudy for Kitty Knight.


Narrator 1


Narrated by:  Jane Jewell – Chestertown, MD

Jane Jewell is a writer, editor, and photographer.  She has been active in community theater, having appeared on stage at the Prince Theater and Churchill Theatre in such productions as “Arsenic and Old Lace”, “Last of the Red Hot Lovers”, and “South Pacific”.  With her husband Peter Heck, she wrote and produced an historical-musical revue called “The Great War and The Lost Generation.”  Jane also works with Chestertown’s Music in the Park summer concert series.  She lives in Chestertown, with her husband Peter Heck, two cats, and way too many books.


Narrator 2

Narrated by: Peter Heck – Chestertown, MD

 Peter Heck is a reporter for the Kent County News. He is also the author of six mysteries starring Mark Twain as a detective, and four comic science fiction novels in collaboration with the late Robert Aspirin. Peter was also an editor at Ace Books, a division of Putnam Publishing in New York City. When not writing (or reading) he can often be found playing guitar or chess. He lives in Chestertown, with his wife Jane Jewell, two cats, and way too many books.



Directed by: John Caroll – Galena, MD

This is John’s directorial debut, as well, he is one of the event coordinators for the weekend.  An avid local history buff, John is thrilled to lead this production and hopes that all will enjoy.  In addition, John will play one of the marauding British Navymen.


Assistant Director & Historical Consultant

Directed by: Kevin Hemstock – Millington, MD

Kevin is a former editor at the Kent County News  and one of the most sought after local historians in Kent County. He currently operates Old News, a genealogical and historical research service, and continues to work on a book about the 1892 murder of Dr. J. Heighe Hill.  Kevin will also play the role of a torch carrying British Marine.


British Marine 1


Portrayed by:  Victor Heavlow – Galena, MD


British Marine 2

Portrayed by: Kevin White – Millington, MD


British Marine 3

Portrayed by: Piers Heriz-Smith – Millington, MD


British Marine 4

Portrayed by: Joshua Baumann – Galena, MD


Georgetown Villager 1

Portrayed by: Margie Heavlow – Galena, MD


Georgetown Villager 2

Portrayed by: Ann R. Polakovic – Wilmington, DE


Georgetown Villager 3

Portrayed by: Judith Drummond – Earleville, MD